NCC hosts

Last week, more than two dozen regional legislators gathered at Nashua Community College to learn about the school’s evolving and expanding role in the region.

President Lucille Jordan talked about the completion of a 40,000-square-foot wellness center. She also addressed how NCC has become a comprehensive community college.

Beyond providing high-quality educational opportunities, the college offers training to displaced workers, lifelong learning/enrichment courses to all and transfer options for those seeking to attain a bachelor’s degree.

Mayor Donnalee Lozeau lauded Jordan and the college for opening its doors to the Special Olympics when it needed a place to scrimmage.

Lozeau encouraged legislators to support NCC and its future operating and capital projects as the college plays a pivotal role in Greater Nashua.

Recently, the state Legislature approved $500,000 to complete architectural and engineering plans to build a 53,000-square-foot academic building, which would house the nursing program, science laboratories, general-education classrooms and a high-tech auditorium/lecture hall with more than 350 seats.

This $11 million project is part of Capital Building requests for the next two years for Nashua Community College. If approved, groundbreaking will begin in July.