Nashua Democrat Kelley in District 26 among reps re-elected

Incumbents did pretty well in state representative races Tuesday in the Nashua area: 47 incumbents ran for re-election to more than 110 seats, and just five lost.

Three of the incumbents who lost were in Nashua: Eleanor Crane, a Republican in Ward 2 (House District 21); David Smith, a Republican in Ward 3 (House District 22); and Peter Cote in Ward 7 (House District 25). Also turned out of their seats were Dick Barry, a Republican in Merrimack (House District 19); and the only Democratic incumbent to lose, Jennifer Daler of Temple, in House District 4.

As it turned out, there were five, not six state reps who were bounced from their seats, despite what was printed Wednesday.

For a complete list of area state representative winners, see the chart on Page 4.

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