N.H. bankruptcy filings fall 10% in August

Nearly 450 bankruptcy filings were recorded in August in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manchester, according to preliminary numbers on the court’s Web site.

The good news is that’s about a 10 percent drop from July. The bad news is the total was 45 percent higher than August 2008.

To be exact, there were 447 listed on the site (the figure sometimes differs slightly from official statistics, which come out a few weeks later). Some 14 of those filings were by businesses, three fewer than in July.

That brings the total filings for the first two months of the year to 3416 — 35 percent over last year’s pace.

Here is the list of New Hampshire businesses filing for bankruptcy protection in August:

• 68 Technology Drive LLC, Bedford, (land and building where NH Sportsplex is located. The Sportsplex is owned by Mike Benton, managing member of the filing company.) filed Aug. 4, Chapter 11. Assets: $4.3 million. Liabilities: $5.2 million.
• 11 Ocean 08, North Hampton, (related to BCH Land Holding LLC, filed last month, and 120 Wakefield LLC, filed in April. Sole owner, Brian Hayes, is a real estate agent in North Hampton), filed Aug. 7, Chapter 11. Assets: $1 million. Liabilities: $1.1 million
• Accent Family Dentistry P.C., aka Aesthetic Family Dentistry, Dover, filed Aug. 7, Chapter 7. Assets $81,000. Liabilities $1.57 million.
• 7 Clay Point Land Holdings, Dover (owned by the principal of Accent Family Dentistry, where the dental dentist practice was located), filed Aug. 7, Chapter 7. Assets: $150,523. Liabilities: $126,892.
• New England Supreme Service Inc, Derry (office cleaning company), filed Aug. 11, Chapter 7. Assets: $71,289.75. Liabilities: $105,129.69,
• TE Automotive LLC, dba Trick Engineering, Salem (auto service firm), filed Aug. 12, Chapter 7. Assets: $0. Liabilities: $114,500.
• Northcoast Health & Fitness Products Inc., Windham (retailer and wholesaler of health and fitness equipment to gyms and institutions), filed Aug. 13, Chapter 7. Assets: $6,297. Liabilities:: $484,478.
• River Valley Country Day School, dba Runnemede School, Plainfield, filed Aug. 14, Chapter 7. Assets: $0. Liabilities: $ 608,551
• BG Drilling & Geothermal LLC, Harrisville, filed Aug. 24, Chapter 7. Assets: less than $50,000. Liabilities: $1,875 to $255,092.
• W.W.S. Camping Area and Marina LLC, West Ossipee, filed Aug. 28, Chapter 11. (Related to filings last month by Laguna Bay Marine and WWS Campground) Assets: $10 million to $50 million. Liabilities: $1 million to $10 million.
• 7 Elms Hotel, Lancaster, filed Aug. 29, Chapter 7. Assets: $200. Liabilities: $74,618,
• MJC Transportation LLC, or JC Hauling, Derry, filed Aug. 31, Chapter 7. Assets: $0. Liabilities: $215,697
• R. E. Jenkins Construction Co. Inc., Bedford, filed Aug. 31, Chapter 7. Assets: $732. Liabilities: $342,345. — BOB SANDERS/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW