More new N.H. laws take effect

In case you were thinking of selling human remains, think again. That is now against the law in Hampshire, starting this past Sunday.

Although the legislature finished up its session in June, and won’t convene again in October to consider any gubernatorial vetoes, many of the laws are just starting to go into effect. Three of them became law over Labor Day weekend.

House Bill 270 amends a law primarily aimed at digging up bodies at unmarked graves to cover all human remains, including those being burned in a crematorium or being used for medical research. It doesn’t contain a loophole. It’s just a blanket ban.

In addition, people on a governmental commission would have to step down if they didn’t file a financial form revealing their economic ties. While HB 255 gave the disclosure law more teeth, don’t expect many details. The disclosure requirements are still rather vague.

Finally, those selling any technology to a government agency worth more than $500 must now do so though the state Office of Information Technology, thanks to HB 36. — BOB SANDERS/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW