More mayhem in Milford

The situation in Milford was similar to the rest of southern New Hampshire Friday, with fallen trees, power outages and many landlines down.

An emergency shelter opened in the gymnasium at the Heron Pond Elementary School at 1 p.m.

Many folks without electricity took advantage of local businesses and restaurants that were lucky enough to have power.

At lunchtime, things were buzzing at the River House Restaurant on the Milford Oval. Milford High School principal Brad Craven was there with his children, and said they had no power at their house. They planned to go to Hampshire Hills after lunch to shower and swim.

Over at Union Street Grill, David and Samantha Boudreau, of Brookline, were having lunch with their three kids. David said after power went out at 9:30 p.m. Thursday, they could hear trees popping throughout the night. The family planned to stay at a local hotel if power was not restored.

At the Cafe on the Oval, Brian and Linda Higgs of Milford said they had running water but no other electrical power or phone lines. The couple said if problems were not resolved by evening, they planned to spend the night with their son, who owns a generator.