Milford voters to consider 2 cruisers, $11.55m budget

MILFORD – The town Deliberative Session will be held Saturday at 9 a.m. in the Town Hall auditorium.

At the session, registered voters will be given a presentation on the proposed town operating budget and other warrant articles. Voters will be able to discuss each item on the warrant, and then either approve or amend it. The version of the warrant agreed upon at the Deliberative Session will be voted on in the March 10 election.

Here is a look at the warrant that will be presented at the Deliberative Session:

Budget: The proposed town operating budget for 2010 is $11.55 million, an increase of $49,545, or 0.4 percent, over this year’s budget.

The only major purchases this year are two police cruisers, to keep up with the replacement schedule for the 14-car fleet. There is also a merit-based salary range increase, from zero to 3 percent, for non-union employees, and an estimated 6 percent increase in health-insurance costs.

The default budget, which would go into effect by law if voters reject the operating budget, is $11.50 million.

>>Town Meeting ‘09<< Other warrant articles that have a financial impact: $155,000 for improvements to the Oval at the intersection of Route 13. $20,000 for a wheel loader replacement for the wastewater treatment plant. (No tax impact. The cost will be offset by charges to wastewater users). $14,016 for cost items in the Teamsters union collective bargaining unit, which covers about 24 employees, mostly in the Department of Public Works and water department and police department clerks. $12,500 to reinstate four hours of time per week at the Wadleigh Memorial Library. $10,000 for DO-IT's operating budget. $25,000 for area social service agencies. $20,000 for the Pumpkin Festival and for holiday decorations and planting. $10,000 for fireworks. $9,000 for summer band concerts. $6,000 to support the Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Labor Day parades. Warrant articles that have no direct tax impact: Adjust income and asset levels for elderly property tax exemptions to not more than $30,000, or, if married, a combined net income of not more than $45,000 and own net assets of not more than $85,000, excluding the value of the residence. Authorize selectmen to establish and amend town ordinances and codes, in accordance with state law. Authorize the water commissioners to enter into an inter-municipal water agreement with Wilton. Grant a perpetual easement to St. Joseph Hospital (Milford Medical Center). Petition warrant articles: Ask the town to participate in the Souhegan Valley Transportation Collaborative and include $20,000 in the town budget to help pay for rides to non-emergency medical appointments. Limit the age of fishermen on Railroad Pond to prevent adults from overfishing. Adopt a state law concerning taxation of farm structures and land under farm structures. Total tax impact: If the budget and all the warrant articles (not including the petitioned $20,000 Souhegan Valley Transportation Collaborative article) pass, the town portion of the tax rate is estimated to go up 4 cents, to $4.36 per $1,000 of assessed property valuation. That means the owner of a home assessed at $300,000 would pay an additional $12 next year.