Merrimack looks to keep communication lines open

MERRIMACK – Town officials are for now keeping “in the communication stage” when it comes to H1N1, said Fire Chief Mike Currier.

Councilors, administrators, and police and fire personnel met twice last week to discuss ways to keep residents informed.

“There’s no emergency yet. No pandemic,” Currier said.

One of the things people said after the ice storm was they didn’t get enough information, Currier said. “I learn from my mistakes . . . We want to make sure people have information and the tools to retrieve the information.”

Two dozen informational posters about hygiene tips and prevention methods have been pinned up at public spots, including grocery stores, Town Hall, the police and fire departments, Currier said.

The fire department is also hosting information on its web site, which is updated daily.

The Merrimack School District posted a letter to parents on the Web site Thursday night, said Matt Shevenell, business administrator. The information was also sent home via the district’s automated messaging system.