Many without power because of storm

An ice storm slammed New Hampshire overnight, leaving as many 200,000 homes and businesses without power.

National Weather Service warns the storm will linger until late this morning, with ice and heavy rain accumulations totaling as high as an inch. The storm has caused tree branches, utility wires and even telephone poles to fall.

A Public Service of New Hampshire recording says that 200,000 of the company’s 500,000 customers are without electricity, and they could have no power for several days.

Many areas of Nashua, Hudson, Merrimack and other regional towns sit in the dark this morning.

“It’s been a busy night,” a dispatcher from Nashua Fire Rescue said.

There are very few operating power transformers left, he said. Many pockets of the city are without electricity.

Despite the storm, Nashua emergency responders haven’t handled any serious emergency calls. There have been no serious motor vehicle accidents, as many people used caution and stayed off the roads, the dispatcher said.

A Merrimack fire dispatcher said she had heard the whole town was without electrical power. Firefighters and police have been busy throughout the night responding to calls for downed utility wires, trees and few poles.

But as in Nashua, there have been no reports of serious injuries.

Hudson police and fire departments also reported “busy” nights, but dispatchers couldn’t provide comment and no one else was available.

A PSNH spokesperson wasn’t immediately available, but a recording warned customers that they could be without power for days.

The outage has also affected publication of The Telegraph. Printing of the paper has been delayed with the The Telegraph’s Hudson facility in the dark.

National Weather Service will keep its winter storm advisory in place until 10 a.m., as meteorologists there expect the storm to last until late morning.

National Weather Service urges people without power to not light candles, rather use battery-powered flashlights and floodlights.

There is no word yet if local communities will establish shelters.

School has been canceled in Nashua, MIlford, Hudson, Amherst, Mont Vernon, Litchfield, Merrimack, Wilton and Lyndeborough and in as many as 300 other communities.

— Albert McKeon