Man killed in apparent accident

NASHUA – A 20-year-old man died early Monday morning after an apparent skateboarding accident, police said.

Detective Sgt. Michael Moushegian said a passing motorist found the man just before 3:30 a.m. on Todd Road near Fawn Lane, a small residential street in the northern part of the city.

Police are not releasing the man’s name at this time, he said.

The man died of an apparent head injury in the early morning hours, according to an evaluation by the state medical examiner. There is no evidence that a car was involved in the accident, Moushegian said.

“At this time all indication is that his death was the result of a skateboarding accident,” he said.

The man was not wearing a helmet, or at least police did not find one at the scene, Moushegian said.

Skateboarding accidents are rarely fatal, police said.

“This is pretty shocking to the family,” Moushegian said. “I’m sure it’s difficult for everyone involved.”

Moushegian was unsure when more information will become available on the accident.

The Todd Road neighborhood was quiet Monday afternoon with little along the narrow, unmarked streets.

Gates block off the west end of Todd Road. The roadway dips near the T-intersection with Fawn Lane. The area is a maze of dead-end lanes, streets and cul-de-sacs less than a mile from Pennichuck Middle School.

Police canvassed the neighborhood but so far have not found anyone who witnessed the accident, Moushegian said.

“If there are any, I hope they call,” he said.

Anyone that does have information should call police at 594-3500 or the Nashua Crimeline at 589-1655.

Information and tips given via the Crimeline can be anonymous.