Look out for 'secret shopper' scam

Police are warning residents to be on the lookout for a new version of an old scheme that could cost you hundreds.

On Thursday, Merrimack police were notified of a “secret shopper” scam that involved an alleged Canadian company called thejobplanet.com, police said.

The scam involved the company sending participants checks for $2,000 with instructions to cash the checks and send most of the money back to the company via a “moneygram” transfer, police said. Then about $40 was to be spent on random items at area stores and the rest would be kept as payment, police said.

However, shortly after the checks were cashed, the bank would discover they were fraudulent and hold the person who cashed them responsible, police said.

Police are encouraging people to turn down such arrangement and to report them to local police agencies to determine if they are legitimate.