Legacy Trust of Southern NH Health

2021 Goals:

Help Everyone Leave Prepared — a simple $2.00 serving of soup can make all the difference. When someone’s discharged from the Medical Center, they sometimes go home to empty cupboards or nothing but unhealthy frozen foods, or everything’s expired, or there’s nobody there to care for them or cook for them. For the first time in 128 years, we’re asking our community to extend a helping hand to our patients after they leave our care. They deserve a chance to safely recover at home from surgery, a heart attack, Covid-19 or other challenges.


Betsy Houde
Dir. of Community Partnerships & Legacy Trust
8 Prospect Street
Nashua, NH 03060

Fundraising Events:

Every cent of our donors’ contributions go directly to support our mission, so we are not planning events that require significant overhead or staffing. Instead, we are seeking community-hosted “Parties with a Purpose” through safely hosted house parties, backyard BBQs, game nights, wine tastings and more. The more creative, the better! We can provide support with planning and logistics, invitations and more. Start envisioning the perfect event for your venue and guests, whether it’s your living room, backyard or local park.

Giving Opportunities:

Your gift will help our dedicated healthcare workers refuel during this Covid-19 marathon, enabling us to build up our supply of masks, gloves and gowns, and mobilize quickly once a vaccine is fully vetted, approved and available. Additional priorities include:

PROJECT HELP FUND — Focuses on supporting patients as they leave the hospital during the most vulnerable 3 to 7 days after discharge, enabling them to focus on healing.

EMERGING NEEDS FUND — Enables our patients to receive exceptional care with the best technology for decades to come, no matter what new health threats emerge.

SPECIALIZED CARE FUND — Ensures we are constantly evolving treatments and clinical specialties to effectively address cancer, heart disease, behavioral health and maternal health.

Volunteer Opportunities:

If you enjoy entertaining friends and colleagues, we would love to partner with you for a Party with a Purpose. Our hospital also has a robust volunteer program for all ages. Information is available at snhhealth.org/support-snhh/volunteer.

Board Officers   /   Board Members

Bob Eisenberg

Fran Bell, RN
SNHH Auxiliary

Albee Budnitz, MD
Charles Nutt Trust

Kristin Hardwick
Coworking House

Mary Jordan
SNHH Trustee

Colin McHugh

Debra Nash
The Nash Group

Martha O’Neill, Esq.
Charles Nutt Trust & SolutionHealth Trustee

Rachel Rowe
SNHH Trustee

Randy Smith
American Environmental

Paul Trainor
Southern NH Health

Scott A. Wolf, DO, President
Southern NH Health


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