Lawn problems

Residents of Sanborn Drive have been complaining that Nashua High School North students have been cutting through their lawns as they’ve been coming to and from the nearby school.

Ward 1 Alderman Mark Cookson attended last week’s Board of Education meeting to relay some of the concerns he has been hearing from his constituents. He told board members this is something that has been going on for several years.

There is a fence blocking access to the street, but Cookson said students have been hopping the fence.

Cookson said that recently, one homeowner saw students about to jump the fence and went outside to ask them to go around, “only be to confronted by these same students at the front of her property.”

Cookson said the woman told her the students “verbally abused” her. The woman called the school and was told it wasn’t the first time someone had complained about it.

Superintendent Christopher Hottel said he visited the area with Principal David Ryan to talk about ways to address the problem. Hottel said the school would be adding some “administrative oversight” to the area.

“We regard it as a very serious offense and something we can’t tolerate,” he said.