Lakes Region Mental Health Center, Inc.

2022 Goals:

Lakes Region Mental Health Center (LRMHC), is a private, nonprofit organization serving Belknap and southern Grafton counties. LRMHC provides comprehensive, integrated behavioral health treatment for people living with, and recovering from, mental illness and/or emotional distress. Core programs include: evidence-based counseling and mental health services for children and adults, 24/7 psychiatric emergency services, addiction treatment and recovery, residential and employment programs for adults, neurocognitive services for older adults and community wellness education.

LRMHC’s goals include developing a path for sustainability of our integrated care model, reduce barriers to access to care, expand our substance use disorder offerings and examine expanded models of care that meets the needs of our communities. We will continue our work to increase efficiencies and expand existing and create new partnerships when they further our mission and support our communities.

In fiscal year 2021, our employees served nearly 4,000 children, adults, older adults and families within the 24 towns in our catchment area.

Fundraising Events:

This year, LRMHC hosted our 10th Annual Mental Health Awareness Online Auction which is our signature event, serving as both a community awareness building and fundraising event. This event has, over the years, grown both in the number and diverse array of items that are donated as well as the number of participating local bidders and those located across the U.S.

Giving Opportunities:

Our donors, sponsors and funders are critical to our ability to provide charitable and subsidized mental health care to those in need and support our work to expand services and implement new programs that increase access to care for those in our community. There are many opportunities to support our mission: through our annual appeal, NH Gives campaign, event sponsorships, in-kind donations, memorial and honoree gifts, and giving through social media or through our website. Public support is attributable to municipal leadership’s recognition of the importance of mental health to a healthy community, intensive outreach efforts and ongoing community education by LRMHC staff and the board of directors, and increased exposure by the media to the many challenges facing New Hampshire’s community mental health system. All donors are personally acknowledged and listed in our Annual Report.

Volunteer Opportunities:

As a healthcare organization, the work that LRMHC performs is strictly covered by Federal HIPAA rules of confidentiality and for that reason, LRMHC does not use volunteers for clinical services. Volunteers are active at LRMHC as members of the board of directors and various committees, including a quality improvement committee responsible for regular reviews of services. In addition, the development and public relations office utilize volunteers to assist with community awareness events and for administrative tasks such as mailings, filing and support for fundraising projects.

Board Officers   /   Board Members

Laura LeMien
President, Laconia

Peter Minkow
Vice President, Laconia

Marsha Bourdon
Treasurer, Laconia

Rev. Judith Wright
Secretary, Laconia

Edward McFarland
Director Emeritus, Laconia

Susan Stearns

Erin Crangle

Samantha Kokua

Deborah Pendergast
New Hampton

Stephanie Ricker

Gloria Thorington

Shawna Young



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