Katsohis might return as principal

NASHUA – A member of the Board of Education abruptly resigned last week and is now being considered to fill an interim principal position.

Charlie Katsohis, who spent his entire 41-year career working in education in Nashua, stepped down last week, expressing a desire to return to working in the city’s schools.

After finishing his career as principal of Ledge Street Elementary School, Katsohis retired in 2007 but stayed on as an interim principal, filling in while another principal was out on maternity leave.

Katsohis won a special election in September 2008, filling the seat vacated by former member Edwina Kwan. Katsohis was elected to fill Kwan’s term, which was set to expire at the end of this year.

At last week’s board meeting, Katsohis said he would be stepping down effective July 14. Katsohis said he was most proud of his experience overseeing the recent superintendent search.

“The community had requested that we not hire a search firm, but that we did this ourselves, and that the community be involved,” he said. “We accomplished those tasks extremely well.”

Katsohis said he was stepping down to fulfill “personal goals.” He did not return a phone call Monday.

Board President Tom Vaughan said Katsohis told him he wanted to go back to working with children. Vaughan said Katsohis told him before the meeting that he would be resigning.

Because there are fewer than six months remaining in the term, Vaughan said the seat would remain vacant until the next city election, according to the city charter. The next election will be held in November.

Immediately after Katsohis made the announcement at the meeting, Interim Superintendent Ed Hendry said he would be considering Katsohis to fill an temporary principal position.

Hendry said Charlotte Avenue School Principal Thaiadora Katsos Dorow would be taking a maternity leave and Katsohis could fill the position.

“It’s important to appoint a veteran principal who’s familiar with the district,” Hendry said.

With Katsohis stepping down, that leaves at least two vacant seats that will need to be filled. Board member Dennis Hogan said he would not be seeking re-election.

Vaughan and board member Sandra Ziehm have not yet said whether they will be running again in the fall.