Help with the small fry

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is looking for volunteers to help stock millions of inch-long salmon fry, the term for young salmon, into the Merrimack River basin as well as other parts of the stock.

Fry released in these river systems and their tributaries stay and grow in the rivers for about two years before migrating to the ocean. When the salmon are about four years old, they will try to return to these rivers to spawn.

Volunteers will release close to 1.1 million salmon fry in the Merrimack River watershed – that is, into various creeks and small rivers which empty into the Merrimack – on April 7, 9, 14, 16, 28 and 30. Another batch of fry will be released in the Merrimack watershed on May 5 and 7.

Approximately 10 volunteers are needed for each day of stocking.

Volunteers should be prepared for an all-day commitment and rigorous walking with heavy buckets of water and fish. Waders, hip boots or old sneakers are recommended footwear for stocking. People may get wet, so should bring extra socks and clothing layers, etc.

Stocking will take place rain or shine.

Pack a lunch and drinking water, waders or hip boots and be prepared to spend the whole day on the river.

If you can lend a hand with the Merrimack watershed effort, call Vikki Leonard, N.H. Fish and Game Inland Fisheries Division, at 271-2501 or e-mail Please leave your name, home address and e-mail address, telephone number and which days you might be available.