Dunk N' Dogs building damaged in Hudson

HUDSON — The “worst structural damage in town” befell a small business on Route 3A, according to the town’s fire captain.

“At some point Thursday night, a branch came off and penetrated the roof, as well as the ceiling,” said Capt. Todd Hansen about Dunk N’ Dogs dog-grooming center at 57 Lowell Road.

At 9:45 a.m., Hansen and a few other firefighters were waiting at the scene for the electric company to arrive.

“The power is still live in the building,” Hansen said.

The building was unoccupied at the time.

Kim Meikle, one of the owners of Dunk N’ Dogs and a Tyngsborough, Mass., resident, had tears in her eyes looking at the damage.

The branch fell “right where we would have been standing,” she said. The building was also flooded, she said.

The economy had been tough on the business lately, Meikle said.

“Christmas is our busiest season,” she said. “We were hoping the holidays would help get us over the hump.”

However, she said, she’s already making plans for her clients.

“We’ll move things and work on, and it’s not going to stop us,” Meikle said. “We’ll move to the basement if we have to. It’s my life’s dream.”

Meikle said she was hoping to be up and running Monday or Tuesday.

In the meantime, clients can contact Meikle at 1-508-783-0449.