District officials to attend leadership session

About 50 school district administrators will be attending a leadership workshop later this month hosted by the Center for Secondary School Redesign.

The title of the workshop is “Change Leadership,” which, according to the district, will “focus on what must be done to enhance both infrastructure/system and leadership capacity to ensure the success of any new initiative.” Funding for the workshop was already budgeted, according to the district.

On Monday night, the Board of Education approved the cost of the workshop, $9,375.

The cost of the workshop includes $5,400 for registration, $225 for travel expenses (two round trips by car to Providence, R.I.) and $3,750 for materials ($75 per participant).

According to the contract, workshop participants will leave with:

“A clearer understanding of the models that underpin change efforts”

“A clear picture of what steps they must follow to implement a specific initiative in their school, to include steps that address leadership and infrastructure capacity enhancement requirements”

“A clear picture of their personal leadership strengths and limitations as they apply to being a successful change leader”

“A plan for implementing a change initiative in their school and targets for their own leadership capacity development”

The workshop runs from June 24-26.