Crotched Mountain Foundation

Offering a Lifelong Alliance to People with Disabilities


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2023 Goals:

Crotched Mountain partners with New Hampshire’s under-resourced school districts to improve special education outcomes for children with complex disabilities through its groundbreaking CMF Kids initiative. Our adult services and case management programs support adults with disabilities and chronic illness, helping them remain in their homes, and lead independent and fulfilling lives in their own communities. Our award-winning accessible trails offer miles of scenic hiking to people of all abilities.

Fundraising Events:

Our centerpiece event, the Winnipesaukee Volleyball Classic, held at Akwa Marina Yacht Club in Laconia, features a competitive beach volleyball tournament, with all proceeds going to support CMF Kids.

Giving Opportunities:

The generosity of the community powers the mission of Crotched Mountain Foundation. Donors can make a life-changing impact on the lives of children and adults with disabilities through one-time gifts, recurring monthly donations, wills and living trusts, charitable gift annuities, beneficiary designations, donor-advised funds, endowed gifts and corporate philanthropic support. We are incredibly grateful for the support from our friends and partners in the corporate community. To learn more, please visit or call 603-669-0821.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Crotched Mountain Foundation offers volunteer opportunities through board leadership and special committees designed to strengthen the impact of our mission. Volunteer groups can also enjoy a half-day or full day helping to ensure our accessible trails can be enjoyed by users of all abilities.

Board Officers   /   Board Members

James C. Piet

Jane Bergeron
Vice Chair

Ethan Arnold

Jon Sparkman

Craig Beck

Ned Olney

Peggy Scott

Marilyn Soper

Nancy VanVranken

Henry Veilleux

Cynthia Yuknewicz

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