Claremont hospital plans $22.5m renovation

Valley Regional Hospital in Claremont has unveiled plans for a $22.5 million renovation project, pending Certificate of Need approval by the state.

The two-year, 54,000-square-foot construction and renovation project, slated to begin in July, is the largest in the hospital’s 115-year history.

The two main priorities of the plan are upgrading the physical plant and enhancing patient services, said Claire Bowen, chief executive of the hospital.

“Navigating our hospital facilities can often times be very confusing,” said Bowen. “Upon completion of construction and renovations, all patients, regardless of their medical needs, will utilize the main foyer of the new building.”

She said that, while the total number of beds will remain at 25, renovations will increase the number of private rooms with bathrooms, as requested by patients.

A new emergency department will offer 50 percent more space than the current department, she said, and will be located in close proximity to critical services such as radiology, laboratory and surgery.

Renovations of existing space will provide for an expanded occupational health department, expanded rehabilitation gym, and more efficient same day surgery unit and patient acute care unit.

The exterior of the hospital will undergo some changes as well with a new ambulance entrance, helipad location, and accessible parking for patients and visitors.