Brewery gives directions

Pennichuck Brewin Co. in Milford provided a different type of cheer to the town’s ambulance department, donating three GPS units.

Pennichuck’s owner, Phil Jewett, is also a paramedic. He donated three Magellan units to the town on behalf of his brewery. The commercially available dashboard-mounted GPS units provide real-time maps and directions to drivers.

Jewett said units will come in handy in several ways. They can help drivers find obscure roads, roads in other towns when responding to mutual-aid calls, and regional hospitals.

The real-time maps also tells drivers when an important turn is coming up. That will be helpful at night in inclement weather when visibility is poor.

“They are very convenient,” said Ambulance Director Eric Schelberg, who bought another one for his vehicle.

The GPS units have been loaded with points of interest to paramedics such as helicopter landing points, nursing homes and hospitals.

Schelberg said the units won’t replace training that makes EMTs and paramedics familiar with town and local hospitals, but says they will be a helpful tool.