Boy, 2, falls out 3rd-floor window, not badly hurt

NASHUA – A 2-year-old boy suffered only minor injuries after tumbling from a third-story window Wednesday evening, police said.

Police investigated the incident and found no hint of negligence on the part of the parents or anyone else, Detective Lt. Jeff Bukunt said.

“We’re confident that this was accidental,” he said.

Bukunt declined to identify the family, except to say that they live in a third-floor apartment on Lock Street.

The accident happened shortly after 6 p.m., while two siblings, ages 2 and 4, were at the window watching their father working in the yard outside, Bukunt said. Their mother was in another room, he said.

“The father heard the window open and saw the child and the screen drop to the ground. The child landed on a plastic riding toy,” and the father rushed over to his aid, Bukunt said. “The child was alert and crying when his father found him.”

The parents drove their son to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, where he was checked and treated for minor cuts and bruises, and then transferred to Children’s Hospital Boston for observation overnight, in case of internal injuries, Bukunt said.

As of 8 a.m. Thursday, the hospital was saying that the child was expected to be released today, Bukunt said.

Although there was apparently nothing the parents could have done to prevent the accident in this case, Bukunt said he hopes parents of smaller children will remember to take precautions as the weather warms up and windows are left open.

In this case, Bukunt said, the window had been latched shut, but one of the children – police couldn’t say which – opened it, he said.