Board wants to know what sickened kids

WILTON – The board of Florence Rideout Elementary School is still waiting for results of tests made by state officials to determine what has sickened some of the students who attended Stone Environmental Camp in Madison last week.

The board is scheduled to meet Tuesday, board member Joyce Fisk said. “The camp director will be there and we should have the test results by then.”

One child was reported as being in the hospital and several were taken to emergency rooms.

“The state doesn’t know yet what it is,” Fisk said. “It could be salmonella; it could be the flu. The first child who came home was taken to the doctor and the parents were told it was the flu.”

Fisk said she not certain how many children were sick, since she had heard several figures.

School is not in session this week, making it hard to determine definitive numbers.

“(State officials) were in camp on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,” Fisk said, “and everything was fine. The first child got sick on Thursday and came home.”

Fisk said she had been in touch with Assistant Superintendent Trevor Ebel and Principal Ken Griffen. “I talk to Ken almost every day,” she said.

In addition to the Wilton students, about 70 children and staff members from Salem’s Woodbury Middle School also became ill after visiting the camp. Some of those illnesses were confirmed to be salmonella.