Blog-to-be on FairPoint FAST TV service hits some dead air

With all the bad news surrounding the FairPoint e-mail takeover, it’s hard to remember that the company is trying to do some cool things.

One of these things is the video-service trial the company is conducting on the Seacoast, where it will experiment with offering a competitor to cable TV over fiber-optic lines.

When I first heard of the trial, I went to the Web site to sign up immediately. Partially because I wanted the free TV they’re giving testers and thought it would be cool to test the service, but also because several of us in the newsroom thought it could be a good addition to The Telegraph’s FairPoint coverage.

The plan was to write a blog keeping readers updated about the trial: the good, the bad and the interesting. After all, FairPoint says that if all goes well, it hopes to bring TV to people who have the fiber-optic FAST service (formerly FiOS) in all of New Hampshire, including Nashua, by the end of the year.

We even posted an introductory item on the newspaper’s FairPoint Watch page, but these plans changed when the service arrived. Along with the service agreement, FairPoint included a fairly long paragraph with a confidentiality agreement that I had to sign to participate in the trial.

This means I won’t be blogging about the trial and won’t be able to offer up any details. However, it doesn’t mean we won’t be able to provide some of these things to readers in the future. I’ll still have the perspective of being one of a few who were able to participate in the trial, and once it is over I will, hopefully, be able to let the readers know a little bit (or a lot) more about what the service offers.