Big gains, new perspective through match

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is the August Match of the Month, submitted by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Nashua.

NASHUA – Melissa Hechavarria feels that she has gained a whole new perspective into what it’s like to be a young person today by simply listening and learning from her Little Sister, Janelle Warren.

Janelle feels valued by Melissa’s caring nature and devotion to simply “hang out and talk” whenever she needs a friend. Overtime, their willingness to share in each other’s lives has become the biggest asset to their friendship. In fact, they feel so comfortable together, Melissa feels Little Sister Janelle is a true member of her family.

As both Melissa and Janelle grow as individuals, they continue to grow from each other’s experience. In fact, Melissa recently welcomed a new baby into her life, and Janelle feels honored to be a part of Melissa’s family. Their friendship is enriched by sharing experiences together like going to the beach, shopping for Melissa’s baby or simply hanging out and talking.

It is clear that it is not always the activities they do together that makes this friendship strong, it is the time and caring they devote to each other that will help them carry out their friendship for a lifetime!

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