Being Big Brother has big rewards

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Nashua February Match of the Month.

NASHUA – Since 2007, Seyvon and Adam have a match.

Adam finds the time he spends with Seyvon enjoyable, as it gives him a chance to act like a kid again. Seyvon is glad that he has a Big Brother to play with. However, Adam is not only having fun with Seyvon but has achieved the position as Seyvon’s role model, which he takes very seriously.

Seyvon’s favorite thing about his Big Brother is that “he flies an airplane and that he’s lots of fun.” They even built a model airplane together. Adam and Seyvon do many other enjoyable activities together, including sculpting and playing football and soccer. They both confess that they never get tired of playing football and soccer!

The match has changed Adam’s life, as it gives him a chance to step away from the craziness of his life and enjoy activities he did as a child. Seyvon brings an abundance of energy every time they meet, which helps make their time together even better. Together the two have formed a bond that will last over the years.

Share a little time, and make a big difference. For information on how you can become a Big Brother, visit www.bbbs or call 883-4851.