Barns get a break

On May 20, the Lyndeborough Board of Selectmen deliberated and granted some tax relief to two local barns. Using a state formula, they determined each barn merited a 50 percent reduction in assessments.

Both barns date to the early 1800s and selectmen visited both sites May 13.

Thomas Bradford built the barn on Pettingill Hill Road, now owned by Philip and Ginny Brooks, about 1803.

He was the owner of a nearby grist mill. Brooks purchased the barn in 2006 and completely restored it.

Josiah Wheeler built his house in Lyndeborough Center about 1810. The small attached barn is described as a “Village Barn,” one used to stable a horse and probably a family cow.

The house is owned by Christopher and Maria Fisher who use the barn mainly for storage.

The tax incentive program is designed to preserve the state’s old barns and requires that the barn be maintained for at least 10 years.

They must meet certain criteria including historical aspects.

These two barns brings Lyndeborough’s total to nine in the program.