2022 Goals:

To raise $250,000 and expand our reach in programming to youth and families in our communities. This expanded programming will give youth hands-on opportunities to try new things and/or build upon existing creative skills. These goals will require us to hire more staff and mentors and create an ongoing holistic alternative to mental health care and hospitalization. We will be able to continue to provide a safe place for after-school activities and programming that build creativity, confidence and resilience. Due to environmental stressors, supporting youth who suffer from suicidal ideation, self-harming behaviors and substance misuse is greater than ever.

Fundraising Events:

We have two major fundraising events per year which include our Spring Golf & Dinner Gala and Fall Comedy Show. Our Golf Gala focuses on raising funds for infrastructure to support programming and includes community giving, silent auction and corporate sponsorships. The Comedy Show hosted at Austin17House brings more local awareness while people tour our facility and meet and greet our staff, volunteers, students and family members. Funds raised that evening go to sponsoring our youth and families for the year. We also host a Bi-Annual Creative Arts Showcase to bring our community together and view the work our youth and mentors have been working on.

Giving Opportunities:

In order to keep our programming memberships affordable to our local youth and families, Austin17House offers sponsorship opportunities to individuals, local businesses and corporations via our website. Sponsor a Youth or Family: Many youth and families who are currently enrolled in A17H programming are on government assistance and/or food stamps and need help to send their youth to our center. Business Sponsorships: Use your advertising dollars to sponsor your community and build relationships! Also attending our fundraising events is always an enjoyable way to give to the cause.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Our volunteer/mentorship model at Austin17House is the backbone and success of our programming. We provide mental health training for our volunteers that support our middle- and high school-aged youth and their families. From just listening and being a friend to teaching simple skills in the kitchen, art, media, theater, wellness, welding etc., it all meets the criteria of our volunteers. This year we plan to expand our program offerings and it could include a skill that you would like to bring to our team. We have a family atmosphere that welcomes and encourages all, so we look forward to your visit and the opportunity of becoming part of our A-team.

Board Officers / Board Members

Mark Anderson

Laura Messina
Vice President

Michelle Siudut

Amanda Bailey

Joseph Brackett

Doug Griffin

Linda Haskins

Rick Jewell

Derrek Perreault

Dave Richards
InnoVestus LLC


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