Area family stars in ‘Supernanny’ show

A Hollis family with four “out of control teens and tweens” will star on the season premiere of “Supernanny” on Friday.

The hour show will air at 9 p.m. on ABC and star the Quinn family. The point of the show is for British nanny Jo Frost to mend dysfunctional families.

Friday’s episode was taped last winter when the Quinns lived in Amherst, according to ABC publicist Pat Preblick.

The Quinn family is mom and dad Gina and David and four kids ages 9 to 16, Preblick said.

“All of the children swear like sailors and refuse to do chores, stubbornly saying that they’re not paid enough per chore,” according a press release from “Supernanny”.

“Gina admits that she doesn’t enjoy being around her kids and her husband, David, erupts in nervous laughter whenever the children defy him.”

Preblick said Frost worked particularly with David, a chiropractor, so Gina, a personal trainer, wasn’t forced to be the family’s only disciplinarian. She also dealt with 14-year-old Casey’s penchant for using his strength to intimidate his siblings, Preblick said.

Since the taping, life has been better, according to Gina. It’s been tempting to fall into old habits during the “chaos” of moving to Hollis, she said, but she said they now have a goal to work toward.

“Everything Jo taught us is really effective as long as you follow it,” Gina said. “We’ve had to work . . . to make sure we put those things back in place. We’re very much looking forward to the show sort of as a reminder, to bring us back to where we were when Jo was with us.”