Another former tenant files suit over bedbug infestation

NASHUA – A former tenant of a downtown rooming house that was infested with bedbugs earlier this year is suing the building’s owners, alleging that she suffered permanent injuries from bedbug bites.

Capricia Osirus, a former tenant of 23-25 Temple St., filed a summons in Hillsborough County Superior Court in Nashua last month alleging that the owners of 23-25 Temple Street Realty LLC failed to correct a bedbug infestation in her unit for more than six months in 2007 and 2008.

“The defendant, by and through its agents, servants and employees, failed to address the bedbug infestation in a reasonable manner,” Osirus’ attorney Laura Sheppard, of Westford, Mass., wrote in the summons filed in civil court.

Osirus, “sustained serious, severe, painful and permanent injuries,” as a result of negligent handling of the bedbug infestation at the building, Sheppard wrote, adding that Osirus had been “caused and will be caused in the future to endure pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.”

The building owners could not be reached for comment Monday night.

In February, another former tenant, Richard Jebb, also sued the building owners and former landlord Mark Flint, alleging that Flint’s shoddy handling of the bedbug outbreak had violated his right to quiet enjoyment of his unit.

Another tenant, Dale Evans, backed up Jebb’s claim, stating that Flint was handing out bug spray to tenants rather than scheduling a professional spraying.

City code inspectors had already documented bedbug infestations in several units of the building at the time of the hearing, prompting Nashua District Court Judge Thomas Moore to continue the case and order Flint to correct the problem by the next court date.

Shortly after, building owners fired Flint, and police later charged him with embezzling rent money.

Jebb, who had been ordered to return to court with proof that his room was infested, lost his case the next month when Moore ruled he failed to prove it.

Monday afternoon Jebb said he had since moved out of the building. Angry at the outcome of his case, Jebb said he purposely never paid the withheld rent for the months he allegedly suffered bedbug bites.

The building owners are now suing Jebb for the back rent in Nashua District Court. Both parties are scheduled to appear in court Wednesday at 1 p.m.