Adding 'public' to 'PEG'

One alderman wants his board to vote on a resolution that won’t be on the group’s agenda for Tuesday.

Another wants residents to have a chance to comment on that resolution.

At issue is legislation that would create a public-access cable TV channel. The city has government and education channels as part of its PEG funding, but the “P,” for “public,” part has been missing.

To date, cable subscribers’ money that would be set aside for the channel – $106,000 currently – goes into the city’s general fund.

Alderman-at-Large David Deane wants to pull the resolution in question from the Budget Review Committee, where it sits tabled, and have the full Board of Aldermen vote on it.

To remove it from the table would require a majority vote of the 15-member board.

Alderman-at-Large Fred Teeboom, the board’s staunchest proponent for a P channel, has requested that residents be allowed to address the issue during the meeting’s public comment period even though the resolution won’t be on the agenda.

Teeboom has e-mailed a memorandum to his colleagues that cites a section of Nashua Revised Ordinances that holds if there is a “reasonable expectation” by the board president that final action will be taken on an item not on the agenda, the president “shall allow comment” on the item.

Several residents have asked if they could address the board on the P-channel funding, Teeboom said.

The board will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the aldermanic chamber of City Hall.