A better geothermal solution

When Tom and Millie Parks designed their dream house in 2003, they wanted to take full advantage of the view: the property sits across the Bellamy River from a wildlife preserve.They also wanted to incorporate dramatic aesthetic details like cathedral ceilings. Lots of windows and high ceilings wouldn’t have been too much of a challenge, until they threw in their third goal: they wanted a state-of-the-art energy efficient home.”We have always been environmentally conscious,” Tom says, “so we’d done our homework. We worked with PSNH to build an Energy Star home.”Energy Star certification, a nationwide program established by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to make new homes more energy efficient, qualifies the Parks for incentives and energy discounts.”We knew we wanted geothermal [for heating and cooling],” Tom says.So they hired a firm that installed a direct exchange (DX) geothermal system. Within six years, the system failed as the underground copper tubing that housed the refrigerant corroded.”I had driven by Ultra Geothermal many times. After our system failed and we had received no satisfaction from the original vendor, I stopped in to Ultra’s office,” Tom says.Within three weeks, Ultra Geothermal had installed a brand new, open-loop water-to-water geothermal system.”Their knowledge inspired our trust and confidence,” he says. “It was the nicest experience I’ve had; they delivered exactly as promised.”Now Tom and Millie couldn’t be happier.”Not only do we have an efficient, environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems, our energy bills areactually lower than the first system,” Tom says.Advice for those who are considering geothermal?Says Tom, “If you’re planning on living in — or even selling your house — geothermal makes sense, even more so than when we built. And if you want it done right the first time, Ultra Geothermal is the company to use.”Ultra Geothermal Inc. 358 Route 4, Barrington, NH 03825 Phone 603.868.7878 Fax 603.868.6265