September-21 2012

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Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam & Jetsam

N.H. foreclosures continue downward trend in August

Effects and limits of ACA explored at NHBR Health Care Forum

GTAT details 'war chest' bond issue to potential investors

Standex closes year in 'strongest financial condition'

Solid increase in monthly homes sales reported again in N.H.

NHBR to co-host gubernatorial debate

N.H. 2Q personal income rises 1%

GTAT readies $175m 'war chest' bond issue

Does trade assistance for displaced workers work?

Former retail mecca hopes for a rebirth in Keene

Former retail mecca hopes for a rebirth in Keene

We need a creative fix of state's mortgage mess

How about using the national settlement money to actually help victims and not just hire additional government employees?

Dental hygienist law helps address health access

The dentist shortage in New Hampshire is even worse than the numbers suggest

'No Labels' is about compromising principles

An 8-cent health care solution

Legislature has no business running the courts

CACR 26 is troublesome, extreme and a violation of a fundamental principle of constitutional democracy

N.H.'s competitive power market is working

The electricity market is alive and well and helping businesses save on their electricity bills

Changes should be coming to Concord in November

Hassan-Lamontagne gubernatorial race tops list of interesting contests

Court undermines 'pay for delay' drug deals

Third Circuit Ruling seen as cutting costs to consumers
Asset allocation, flexibility and retirement

Asset allocation, flexibility and retirement

Too many investors focus on absolute returns and less on relative return or their net return after taxes
The new law and ownership rights

The new law and ownership rights

The act’s provisions are so much stronger that not adopting them early might be a big mistake

Tips for helping employees avoid injuries when tackling projects in and around the house

Why public/partnerships can fail

How to ensure continuity before, during and after a crisis

The fruits of investing strategies

If you wanted to assure your family fresh fruit for a lifetime, would you plant an apple orchard or a raspberry patch?
QA with 'Life planner' Robin Young

QA with 'Life planner' Robin Young

Dyn acquires second firm in two weeks

'Very good' bid entered for USA Springs

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