Just One Thing

The “Just One Thing” Campaign is an 18-month effort of New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility. Its purpose is to challenge businesses to consider incorporating a sustainability initiative into its operations. Companies can celebrate their achievements and inspire others by sharing their stories on the campaign’s webpage.
To submit your story or read others, go to www.nhbsr.org/jot.

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January 18 2019

Business profiles

Badger’s approach to employee recovery

Six companies capture titles in 2nd Sustainability Slam

Sustainability Slam brings Just One Thing to life

12 finalists named for NH Businesses for Social Responsibility Oct. 20 event

Zero-landfill mission accomplished

Spreading the word about welding

Badger’s answer to the childcare dilemma

A new childcare center down the street offers affordable options for workers

Creative, but pragmatic, hazardous waste solutions

New event puts sustainability at center stage

Sustainability Slam to promote innovative enviro, workplace initiatives

Growing an environmental commitment

A 200-square-foot garden not only upholds Wire Belt Company of America's values but also keeps its employees well-fed

Resourcefulness reveals multiple benefits

Scheduling for ‘real life’

Manchester firm reaps benefits of flexibility

Building ‘high-performance’

Portsmouth-based builders design unique homes and renovate existing structures to meet efficiency standards
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