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What’s in store for real estate in 2019?

Despite global pressures things should be slow, but steady
January 16, 2019

Yes, there is a downturn coming

The question is its duration and depth
November 7, 2018

Is there a hint of anxiety in the air?

Economy still chugs along, but a correction is inevitable
September 19, 2018

So when will the market become ‘normal’ again?

From traditional metrics, it should have changed already
August 1, 2018

A multi-pronged approach toward solving affordability

Municipalities should focus on allowing housing to accommodate young workers and empty-nesters
May 23, 2018

Labor supply and available jobs: the big disconnect

So many openings in the trades and elsewhere show a mismatch between available jobs and employees
May 2, 2018

The ABCs of accelerated bridge construction

When used appropriately, the more efficient method uses higher-quality components
April 13, 2018

Where is the housing market headed?

Rising interest rates, prices make homeownership a different kind of calculation
April 4, 2018

Is Claremont the future?

Yes, the city has problems, but it also has lots and lots of potential
March 7, 2018

Disruption in real estate and elsewhere

Technology, longer life expectancy will bring big changes
February 14, 2018

Are we playing with economic fire?

The newly enacted tax cut may bring benefits, but there are risks
January 10, 2018

Know your business’ value

If your business represents a substantial part of your net worth, it’s something you need to understand
January 4, 2018

The skilled labor shortage: causes and solutions

The shortage has far-reaching effects on the economy
January 3, 2018

Top 10 issues facing real estate

From political polarization to the changing health care industry, there’s a lot to think about
December 13, 2017

What do federal tax plans mean for real estate?

There’s no indicator that the changes will structurally affect values
December 6, 2017
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