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Dress codes and discrimination

Motive the key in Abercrombie Supreme Court case
July 10, 2015

When the courts are used to ‘get even’

There are two types of claims where the civil legal process has been misused
May 15, 2015

The challenges of tackling campus rape, harassment

Getting it wrong can have harsh implications for students, parents and schools alike
April 17, 2015

Employee verification roulette, by the rules

Strategies for effectively ensuring prospective employees are authorized to work in the U.S.
April 17, 2015

What constitutes compensable ‘working time’?

The U.S. Supreme Court recently provided some clarity regarding whether employees must be compensated for select employer-mandated activities
April 17, 2015

Avoiding legal risks at an holiday office party

Keep in mind that although holiday parties are laid-back in nature, they do not give employees a free pass to act inappropriately.
February 17, 2015

Five employment law topics on the radar in 2015

State changes include Paycheck Fairness Act and employee social media accounts
January 23, 2015

Winter weather and New Hampshire wage laws

What employers can do when employees aren’t needed at work
January 23, 2015

Properly planning and executing a year-end RIF

Consequences can ensue if the action isn’t properly planned or executed
December 1, 2014

Where you live may not be where you’re domiciled

Pull out quote: Failing to appreciate the distinction between domicile and residence can have dramatic consequences
December 1, 2014

Benefit corporations: coming soon to New Hampshire

A new state law gives socially minded businesses an alternative corporate option
December 1, 2014

How to approach a proposed merger of nonprofits

They present issues that go far beyond conventional corporate transactions
November 13, 2014

New OSHA rule expands recordkeeping requirements

More injuries, industries are covered by change in regulations
November 5, 2014

Telecommuting: a ‘reasonable accommodation?’

Under recent court ruling, the possibility is growing
September 5, 2014

How state’s new social media access law will work

Measure gives employees privacy in their personal email and social media accounts
September 5, 2014
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