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Did DRA tip the balance on BET calculation?

April 16, 2013

Division of Economic Development: The little agency that could

With scant resources, the Division of Economic Development’s recruitment team makes an impact in N.H., and beyond
April 5, 2013

Rose sworn in as state’s new DRED commissioner

April 1, 2013

Ayotte presses her case against Internet sales tax proposal

March 28, 2013

N.H.’s MTBE settlement cache: $136m and counting

As the ExxonMobil trial winds down, it’s still not clear what the state’s going to do with the windfall
March 21, 2013

Jobless benefits for business starters clears Senate hurdle

March 8, 2013

Proposed high-end casino threatens the big business that is charitable gaming in N.H.

But proposed high-end casino would decimate their industry, say operators
February 22, 2013

CDFA seeks increase in tax credit program

The tax credit offered through the Community Development Finance Authority has a problem. It's too popular.
February 8, 2013

Ayotte measure seeks to make Internet tax ban permanent

U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte is introducing legislation that would permanently stop the government from imposing new taxes on Internet access.
February 1, 2013

Shaheen backs bill to boost H-1B visa cap

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is co-sponsoring new legislation that would nearly double the number of visas and green cards that are set aside annually for highly skilled immigrants who work in science and technology.
January 31, 2013

House panel weighs giving a boost to charitable gaming

January 30, 2013

House panel hears minimum wage hike proposals

Lago's Ice Cream in Rye would have to increase the price of a cone by a quarter and sell thousands more of them to get the money to pay its teenage crew the 75 cents an hour more required by the most conservative of the three minimum wage bills proposed this year, estimated Steve Grenier, the owner of the business, at a hearing held Tuesday before the House Labor Committee.
January 30, 2013

BIA readies release of new 'Blue Book'

The "Blue Book" -- the legislative directory that has had an almost Bible-like reputation among State House denizens for more than three decades -- will be coming out in mid-February with a new owner, a new publisher, an online edition, and packed with more information than before.
January 29, 2013

EB-5 has potential public-funding benefits

The creative use of the EB-5 foreign investment visa offers numerous opportunities to fund worthy projects and create jobs for U.S. citizens
January 25, 2013

House bill would require state, municipal contractors to use E-Verify for employees

Should businesses that are contracted by the state of New Hampshire or a municipality be required to use the federal E-Verify system to see if their employees are eligible to work in the United States?
January 24, 2013
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