10th symposium would reshape art

BROOKLINE – During the past two weeks, the Andres Institute of Art has hosted its 10th annual sculpture symposium, bringing artists from as far as Italy, Jamaica and Japan.

This symposium, like one that took place over the summer in Nashua and at the institute in the past, aims to make art an integral part of everyday life, according to John Weidman, the institute’s co-founder and artist.

“This is an effort to put art back into society as a part of life,” said Weidman, who helped direct and participated in Nashua symposium. “Art is not a luxury, it’s part of living; we’re with it everyday. Whether it’s print or colorful umbrellas or a muddy street, (art is) part of expression and it’s part of our lives.”

The event started Sept. 7 with opening ceremonies at Brookline Town Hall, where people had the opportunity to meet and greet the artists. Since then, artists have been living with host families in the Greater Nashua. Weidman said that without contributions from volunteers, the symposium wouldn’t be possible.

“We can’t do it without the volunteers,” said Weidman. “They are people who are dedicated to the same beliefs in art.”

So far, Weidman has been impressed by the artists’ abilities to share and collaborate during the three-week project.

“They’re taking stuff that was thrown away by the stone workers years ago and making something beautiful of it, showing something good in life,” Weidman said.

The symposium will conclude Saturday, Sept. 27, with a potluck dinner for volunteers, hosts, directors and artists.

The art completed during this symposium will be on display throughout the institute’s grounds, which are open to the public every day. Anyone is welcome to walk the art-laden trails during daylight and a two-hour tour is offered every Saturday at 10 a.m.

For more information on the Andres Institute of Art, visit its Web site at www.andresinstitue.org or call 673-8441.