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The powerful impact of two exceptional mentors

The deaths of Kimon Zachos and Rohe Pennington are a reminder of the values they taught others

The penny-wise, pound foolish strategy of denial

From climate change to financial security, self-deception is a very human trait

Do financial advisors practice what they preach?

If they don’t, then why should their clients be listening to them?

Good gamma: Managing investor expectations

What else can be done to maximize returns and add to the retirement nest egg and income stream?

The dangers of blind bull market complacency

It’s important not to confuse the ‘what’ of investing with the ‘why’ you invest

How to address the financial aspects of aging

Issues relating to demographics pervade our society and the broader economy

The unaddressed dangers of high-frequency trading

It is all about the speed of light, not the quality of the investment

The perils of historical delusion

Without considering context, rational decision-making is compromised

Lure of casino gambling remains fool’s gold

Anybody with even a basic knowledge of finance or the casino industry knows that gambling is the equivalent of financial strip mining

Revisiting the myth of tax deferral

Tax efficiencies should be an integral part of any sound investment plan

Transparency and the financial advisor

Any professional who doesn’t tell clients how they make their money isn’t being fully transparent

Crowdsourcing the transition called ‘retirement’

Not knowing what to expect psychologically and practically can create missteps

The difficult challenges facing Janet Yellen

Future actions of the Fed matter more than many people imagine

What Gloria Steinem taught me

The role of women in my life has been critical to my career as a financial advisor and my personal development as well

De-risking and the lessons of a beekeeper

If you believe that the long term matters, a judicious temperament will suffice

Learning the ABCs of Asian economies at Harvard

At this year’s gathering, the cockiness and optimism about a rising China was far less apparent
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