Man accused of causing ambulance accident


An Amherst driver has been charged with running a red light at an intersection in connection with an accident involving a town ambulance Sept. 29. Police Chief Peter Lyon said Monday that Neil Berkebile, 38, of River Road, ran a red light at the intersection of Amherst Street and Route 122 and struck an ambulance broadside as it was responding to a call with its lights and sirens on. The ambulance was on Amherst Street turning south onto Route 122 while Berkebile was northbound on Route 122. The accident happened at 8:58 a.m. Berkenbile and the ambulance attendants, Sandra Powers and Lynn Briggs, all sustained minor injuries, but only Berkebile was transported from scene, said ambulance director Brian Gleason. Berkebile was taken to Milford Medical Center, said Gleason. The ambulance sustained minor damage, including a blown tire and some scrapes. The ambulance was put back into service later that day after the tire was repaired and the ambulance's condition was evaluated.
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