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New Hampshire Business Review is a Macintosh Design Shop. Acceptable File Formats include Quark Xpress 3.3-4.1, Adobe Illustrator 6.0, Adobe Photoshop 3.0-6.0. Acceptable media for delivery include 3 1/2” floppy disks, Zip disks (100MB), or CDs in Mac format. Advertising materials may also be emailed to with a maximum file size of 5MB.

New Hampshire Business Review is printed at 100 line screen. All graphics provided for inclusion in the newspaper should be set for a target resolution of 200 dpi. All advertisements should be produced actual size.

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Electronic Submission Requirements:
Make sure to send all documents needed to print out your ad which includes the original Quark Xpress file and all of the linked files that make up the document. “Collect for Output” from within Quark will include all of the other necessary files, including any EPS, TIFF or other art files. Also, all fonts (both screen and printer fonts) must be supplied.

Please provide a list of all file names used, and hard copy proof sized at 100% which matches file exactly.

Using Adobe PS Driver and Adobe Acrobat Distiller 5.0*, create a PDF file of your ad with all fonts and graphics embedded within the PDF, colors defined as CMYK or Pantone spot (whichever applies) and generated at 1200 dpi resolution.

*Customized Adobe Distiller PDF settings can be found on our Web site: Go to “Advertise > Specifications.”

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Print Ad sizes:

Print Ad Sizes Wide x Deep
2 page spread 20” x 13.44”
Full page 10” x 13.44”
3/4 page 7.46” x 13.44”
1/2 page (horiz.) 10” x 6.6”
Island page 7.46” x 9.6”
1/3 page square 7.46” x 6.6”
1/4 page (vertical) 4.92” x 6.6”
1/4 page (horiz.) 7.46” x 4.32”
1/8 page (horiz.) 4.92” x 3.19”
1/8 page (vertical)   2.38” x 6.6”
Press: web offset Page size: 10.5” x 14.25” Live area: 10” x 13.44” Inks: CMYK or PMS

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Materials for Internet Usage and the Network use ad sizes set by the Internet Advertising Bureau to accommodate our advertisers’ needs. Banners are worked at 468x60 pixels, 14k file size, 3-loop maximum. Tiles are worked at 120x90 pixels, 10k file size, 3-loop maximum. Vertical Banners are worked at 120x240 pixels, 12k file size, 3-loop maximum.

Materials provided for Web advertising development must be owned by the client or their affiliated vendors and accompanied by a signed release. Any graphics provided must be in standard GIF or JPEG formats.

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Issue Date Closing Date
Jan. 10 Dec. 27
Jan. 24 Jan. 13
Feb. 7 Jan. 27
Feb. 21 Feb. 10
Mar. 7 Feb. 24
Mar. 21 Mar. 10
Apr. 4 Mar. 24
Apr. 18 Apr. 7
May 2 Apr. 21
May 16 May 5
May 30 May 16
June 13 June 2
June 27 June 16
Jul. 11 June 27
Jul. 25 Jul. 14
Aug. 8 Jul. 28
Aug. 22 Aug. 11
Sept. 5 Aug. 22
Sept. 19 Sept. 8
Oct. 3 Sept. 22
Oct. 17 Oct. 6
Oct. 31 Oct. 20
Nov. 14 Nov. 3
Nov. 28 Nov. 14
Dec. 12 Dec. 1
Dec. 26 Dec. 12

For more information, please contact us: e-mail phone (603) 624-1442 fax (603) 624-1310.

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