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Next-generation learning

What we all can learn from Udacity

Enjoy your way to the top

The right attitude on the job is 90 percent of what’s required

Politics and the workplace

In business, we can’t afford not to get along

Learning from Trump’s win

Lessons that marketers can take home after the unanticipated election result

Learn to listen for bad news

In many organizations, the sugar-coating process prevents top management from really knowing what’s going on

Big fools with bigger titles

It’s a mistake not to learn and seek out help from others

Delight your customers

What you really want to do is maximize profits with narrower margins

Making them afraid to win

When ‘failure is not an option,’ guess what happens?

The era of instant fame

Many of us make decisions all day long, most of which will forever dwell in obscurity, but any one of them could suddenly light up the internet

Real raises make a difference

A steadily improving workforce has more permanent benefits than a minimum wage increase

How to do the right thing

Maintaining the status quo is easy, change isn’t

Getting to know the SCORE

Regardless of your industry or situation, the organization can probably provide you help from someone who has done it before

Where’s all the competition?

For those of us interested in taking the high road, mergers and acquisitions are very seldom the way to go

Dreaming the impossible dream

Too many people and organizations are just trying to make money, and the harder they try, the harder it is

Learning from the best

There’s an awful lot of talent out there, and it’s largely ignored

Washroom decorum counts too

Do you let other people clean up the messes you leave in your wake?

Slow change is the enemy

It’s easier to accept disappointing results than it is to modify behaviors to adjust to circumstances

Say it like you know it

Mistakes in grammar can reflect on your mastery of other skills

Trump’s lessons in disruption

Suppose a Donald showed up in your industry. How would you respond?

Make lemonade out of lemons

Your job may be miserable, but it could be worse

Does trust matter anymore?

Lessons from Tom Brady and Deflategate

Test-taking isn’t proficiency

Students miss out on the love of learning

Good grades are not enough

What has happened to high school graduates’ math skills?

Getting all call centers to work to your advantage

Too many managers forget their customers are already upset when they call

How can you turn your customers into dedicated fans?

As the Patriots show, doing your best provokes fanatical loyalty
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