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Let’s save time and go with a Kasich-Rubio ticket

Here's who should be on the 2016 ballot

Success will come from compromise, not ideology

Costs to ratepayers pile up, but who’s listening?

LFDA members divided over breastfeeding issue

No resolution seen over whether state employees should be allowed to breastfeed off premises during paid breaks

Why charitable giving makes a difference

It transforms lives and strengthens our communities

New Hampshire can’t ignore the clean energy opportunity

The formula is simple: create policies that drive the market toward low-risk, reasonable-return investments

We’ve got to address the energy crisis now

How can N.H. invite companies to move to the state when it cannot provide them with enough energy to do business?
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An open letter to the N.H. Legislature

When I started to write this column on Dec. 3, it was going to be an open letter to Speaker William O’Brien. A funny thing happened on the way to finishing.

Election reflections: GOP gains, ample negativity

In New Hampshire the results could have been, and in many cases were, forecast
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