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No Labels? No thanks

The better answer is to end the gridlock by electing a president and a Congress controlled by the same party

A tale of two transmission lines

Business, politics and climate change

Why Sen. Ayotte should climb off the Clean Power Plan fence

Lower taxes aids NH competitiveness

48th-worst in the nation is not an ‘advantage’

Lower taxes aren’t what we need, but this is

Some insights on what NH can do attract more businesses

Planned Parenthood vote is bad for business

Companies in NH want predictability and practicality from government, not ideology and political posturing

An open letter to the DNC: Let them debate

A limit on primary debates hurts the party, political discourse
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Happy 100th, NH primary

Concord event kicks off yearlong celebration

A season of political stunts

Reflections on the convoluted and unnecessary actions taken by elected officials
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A ‘wonderful’ step in the transgender conversation

Another ‘scam’ by elected officials

Housing costs hit NH’s workforce, businesses

New Hampshire needs to add about 24,000 affordable homes to close the “affordability gap”

Does racism remain in the hiring process?

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