New Hampshire Business Review May 22 2009

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House OKs bill requiring notice on plant closings

UNH budget plan cuts 7 jobs, makes 40 others part-time

State Senate adopts $11.6 billion budget

Council approves berm near Merrimack bridge

Revised BET credit suspension passes

Revised BET credit suspension passes

Boston ad agencies may feel GM's pain

U.S. retailers report sales declines

Tax shift rouses business opponents

State halts blasting on Interstate 93

Rivals enter bids for the Basement

Vt. state layoffs moving ahead

Vt. public access TV contracts with Comcast stalled

It's law: Gay couples can soon wed in NH

Federal stimulus funds to expand National Passport Center at Pease

$87m in school construction aid in Senate approved budget

Senate passes slots

N.H. securities regulators accuse UBS

Building activity sagging, but still lots taking place

PSNH to erect solar array

Slump pushing cost of drugs out of reach

Money for air field gets OK

Money for air field gets OK

Lamontagne meets with NRSC

It's official: Gatsas to run for mayor

FairPoint may start collecting

Parents of I-495 victim seek tougher workplace safety rules

Kittery wind turbine turns out to be an underperformer

Swine flu message sent to SAU 39 families

House weighs big unemployment-tax hike

Elliot: No layoffs, but no raises

Energy official is Lynch pick for PUC

Wal-Mart gets zoning green light in Manchester

Maine's gross domestic product grows 1.4%

State labs juggling swine flu cases

Taste of Downtown tickets available today

Politico: Sen. Gregg would require all adults to buy health coverage

Social worker advises parents to talk to kids about economic hardships

Social worker advises parents to talk to kids about economic hardships

Views on govt. role in GM reorganization run the gamut

Gay marriage legislation back up for vote

Social worker advises parents to talk to kids about economic hardships

FairPoint: Wait to collect cash

N.H. joins national ed standards effort

Wal-Mart Supercenter plan to be meeting focus in Manchester

Upper Valley senators back N.H. budget that expands gaming

GM bankruptcy tremors yet to hit state

Pensions can invest in Sudan

Business groups launch BET credit offensive

Fewer taxes, fees taken in in May

Lynch makes high court pick

Rochester pub owner apologizes after risqué photo shoot

Dover waterfront land transfer passes key hurdle

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