Occurrances that require explanation


To the editor: Re the June 10-23 issue. Being politically, legally and financially uneducated, I implore someone to explain to me two things: • How can our elected reps not punish former House Speaker Gene Chandler for his actions (Editorial, “Profiles in capriciousness”)? I would be glad myself to have a $2,000 fine to receive $68,000. And who knows how much more, if any, has been received? “Nice” guy or not, ethics have taken a beating - again. • A Mr. Rosa is working here, even though he’s an illegal from Mexico (“Imagine there’s no borders - the high court can”). I’ve thought for a long time it is illegal to employ illegal aliens. Also, they may pay no taxes or Social Security tax, as how does an illegal get a Social Security number? How does he sue anyone? He has no status. What about the firm that employed him? Do they get off scot-free? The fact that the state Supreme Court ruled for Rosa and his recovery of lost wages only makes me shake my head in wonder. Donald Bradley Plainfield
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