Fellowship Housing

Providing safe, affordable housing with support to members of our community who live with mental illness


2018 Goals:

One year ago, the founding executive director retired from her position after 32 years. In addition, the rest of the four-member management team changed over as well. Therefore, the last year has been a year of destabilizing ourselves and finding a new foundation.  However, we are now ready to look to new growth and possibilities! Our biggest goal is to establish and provide more affordable housing options for the disabled and chronically mentally ill among our community, in the next year and two. It has been about 10 years since we grew our housing stock for our tenants and we are actively seeking options. 

Fundraising Events:

Each time we look to increase our housing stock and options, we seek a tremendous amount of help from funders including the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority and other governmental organizations, but also through grants and private donations. We look to the next two years to be very active and as such we will be undertaking a major fundraising drive and capital needs campaign to support our efforts to provide safe and affordable housing for the disabled and mentally ill in our community. Look to our website for updates. 

Giving Opportunities:

We always seek support to maintain and improve the lives of the 60 people currently renting  in our buildings. These may include new furniture, building improvements, etc. With looking to acquire more apartments and buildings, we seek donations to assist us in buying  and renovating properties. The renovations in particular are needed to help meet the needs of our tenants. For example, a number of current tenants who have lived with us for 20 years or more are getting older and find it increasingly difficult to walk up stairs to their homes. Therefore, in a future building, we seek to provide single-story housing, ramps or an elevator. We will need your support to do this! Online Donation — Through our website at  fellowshiphousing.org.  Direct Mail – Send donations to Fellowship Housing Opportunities, 36 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301

Volunteer Opportunities:

We owe much of our success to our terrific staff, and to those who offer their services to our organization and assist our tenants in countless ways. These include providing Christmas baskets and gifts to some of our tenants over the holidays, assisting us in providing food and essentials, and activities and activity money for our tenants in our staffed residence. We are also seeking volunteers to be on our board of trustees to assist us in the oversight and operations of our organization. If you are interested, please contact our executive director, Nancy Egner.

Board Officers   /   Members at large

  • Joan Gilmore
  • Matthew Bacon
    Vice President
  • Robin Milnes
  • Jean Barnes
  • Carol Nelson
  • Herb Carpenter
  • Wit Jones
  • Tom Peters
  • Karen Orsini
  • Kristy Moen
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