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Terminating an employee the right way

It’s never an easy task, but there is a humane and sensitive way to approach it

Cold calling isn’t ‘dead’ because it works so well

The practice just needs to be approached differently

Coping with the ‘myth’ of work-life balance

We yearn to have it all – whatever that may mean to each of us
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Leave a trail that clients can follow to your door

To drive online leads through your website, build a clear path

How to win at search engine marketing in 2015

Steps to create your own online marketing success plan

Finding prospective customers in a new era of SEO

Search engines have come a long way
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New SBA partnership boosts small-dollar lending

Credit union initiative could inject over $125 million into the economy

Investment liquidity: perception and reality

It can be easy to measure, but it also can be a desert mirage
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A roadmap that shows where gender equity pays off

How Great N.H. Restaurants profits from a ‘common sense business decision’

Capitalizing on diversity’s competitive advantage

Even if you’re not a multinational corporation, stocking your team with diverse talent pays off
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Organizations have nothing to fear but fear itself

If you trust your employees, they will trust you

Leading a sales team through the reality of change

The better salespeople understand the reasons and benefits, the easier they will find the transition

The truth about trust, engagement and performance

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Avoiding legal risks at an holiday office party

Keep in mind that although holiday parties are laid-back in nature, they do not give employees a free pass to act inappropriately.

Five employment law topics on the radar in 2015

State changes include Paycheck Fairness Act and employee social media accounts

Winter weather and New Hampshire wage laws

What employers can do when employees aren’t needed at work
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It’s not just offices that are squeezing down space

High-bay warehouse and manufacturing tenants are looking to pare costs as well

Are young people ‘bouncing around’ in college?

Thoughts on our public and private education systems

Five common business tenant mistakes

Thinking, planning ahead of time can help you avoid them
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More >> The New LLC Act

Can you use an accountant to form an LLC in N.H.?

You can, but there are several risks to be aware of

Preparing for war in your LLC operating agreement

A possible solution: mediation and arbitration provisions
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