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Tap your inner entrepreneur to aid your job search

It’s worth considering some outside-the-box tactics to find your next opportunity

Long-term care: a potential catastrophe

If you don’t plan for your future, you may not have an estate

Net metering: a new paradigm for renewable energy

A new tool that paves the way for innovative ways to increase investment in economically feasible local projects

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A blueprint for building a winning sales team

Hiring the right people is the first and one of the most important steps in business success

Storyscaping: the new age of marketing

It’s a concept that encourages customers to explore your brand further

Coordinated message delivery is key for success

By maintaining your brand across all Internet platforms, you eliminate confusion and let the world know what you have to offer

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Can you use an accountant to form an LLC in N.H.?

You can, but there are several risks to be aware of

Religious garb and grooming in the workplace

When it comes to accommodations, there are a number of things employers should keep in mind

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Investors underestimate importance of R&D budgets

The financial community’s need for immediate gratification has permeated its way into all aspects of business

College Funding FAQs

I am heading to college in the fall. Should I borrow a “private” loan instead of a federal loan?

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Speeding up the pace of organizational change

True change takes years, unless you do something more deliberate

Where does your organization place diversity?

Plenty of organizations say they value inclusion, then prove those words to be lip service

What about the co-worker with no work ethic?

Plus: When your boss takes credit for a job you did

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State’s new pay equity law sets new ground rules

The law’s anti-retaliation provisions should get the attention of all employers and their HR professionals

The pros and cons of the Consumer Protection Act

Businesses can use it as a ‘sword’ and a ‘shield’

New court ruling takes on the sabotaging co-worker

An employer can be held liable for discrimination when it fires an employee who has been maligned by a jilted co-worker intent on revenge

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The surety market and your bonding capacity

Construction companies and contractors should be aware of the market

Energy: the most important issue affecting real estate

Natural gas supply a boon, but how long will it last?

Running (and winning) the project management race

It takes careful planning and teamwork