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Defending the corporate network from cybercrime

Networks are increasingly being exposed to a variety of attacks that have the potential to lead to a data breach, network disruption, compromise of sensitive data or theft

Secure connectivity in the age of the teleworker

Working from home requires a different set of guidelines and requirements than working from an office

Preparing your career for a binary star economy

Globalization and digitization are modifying the way we live, and therefore how we work
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Content strategy: What it is and why you need it

It speaks to both day-to-day detail and the big picture

How to ‘read’ your prospective customers’ minds

How to create simple processes that allow you to follow prospects through their information-gathering and decision-making steps

Leave a trail that clients can follow to your door

To drive online leads through your website, build a clear path
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Money mentoring lessons from Benjamin Franklin

More Americans, especially younger Americans, are practicing more self-reliance and embracing the sharing economy with enthusiasm

How to know if you need a CFO

Bringing on a new senior manager is a high-stakes, time-consuming venture
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Do your ‘Now Hiring’ signs point toward inclusion?

Entrepreneurs Ali Faraz and Ali Shaikh have a commitment to hiring, training and supporting a diverse workforce that reflects their target customer base

A roadmap that shows where gender equity pays off

How Great N.H. Restaurants profits from a ‘common sense business decision’
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Organizations have nothing to fear but fear itself

If you trust your employees, they will trust you

Leading a sales team through the reality of change

The better salespeople understand the reasons and benefits, the easier they will find the transition

The truth about trust, engagement and performance

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The challenges of tackling campus rape, harassment

Getting it wrong can have harsh implications for students, parents and schools alike

Employee verification roulette, by the rules

Strategies for effectively ensuring prospective employees are authorized to work in the U.S.

What constitutes compensable ‘working time’?

The U.S. Supreme Court recently provided some clarity regarding whether employees must be compensated for select employer-mandated activities
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Land use regulation, codes and business planning

Attention to the codes and rules governing the use of property will help avoid a time-consuming dispute

Land use regulation, codes and business planning

Looking for space can be challenging, so attention to the codes and rules governing the use of property will help avoid a time-consuming and potentially expensive dispute

Investment real estate: detailed records required

Buyers and lenders are looking for good information when performing due diligence
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Can you use an accountant to form an LLC in N.H.?

You can, but there are several risks to be aware of

Preparing for war in your LLC operating agreement

A possible solution: mediation and arbitration provisions
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