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It’s all about doing something different

If you do what everybody else does, it’s really tough to get ahead

Don’t dismiss the power of luck

Economic fortune is often, perhaps always, as much a result of good, or bad, fortune as it is savvy decision-making

The real cost of dishonesty and lack of integrity

If you can’t trust the people that work for you, you’re in a lot of trouble

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Has the LinkedIn profile replaced the resume?

As rapid as change appears to be, many things actually evolve quite slowly

Google’s new policy rewards content over keywords

How businesses can adjust their SEO strategy

How to enhance your brand without breaking the bank

Let your friends and professional contacts know that you’re interested in doing branding

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Using LLCs to reduce your business profits tax

How to employ the ‘$50,000 floor rule’ to limit your obligation

‘Texas shootouts’ and New Hampshire LLCs

Such a contractual provision may avoid deadlock between members

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Three lessons ‘Downton Abbey’ can teach us about business

Lord Grantham can illuminate what not to do when securing your financial future

Revisiting the myth of tax deferral

Tax efficiencies should be an integral part of any sound investment plan

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Fishing for answers in SNL’s casting quandary

Do you, as ‘Saturday Night Live’ did for so many years, rely on the same talent sources again and again?

Training is necessary to prevent violence in the workplace

The threat of conflict has become a frustrating, concerning reality for companies and organizations that deal with the public

Ask HR: What to do when a promotion goes awry

There are hazards in picking the wrong person or mismanaging the changeover

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What is UBIT, and when does a nonprofit owe it?

Case law and IRS pronouncements have provided a three-pronged test

Can a company ban tattoos at work?

The answer is not as clearly drawn as an employer might like

How the Local Government Center lost its appeal

The state Supreme Court squarely rejected the LGC’s claim that members of the boards of risk pools have discretion to control what is to be returned to members as surplus

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Trying to make it through the ‘headwinds’

Stamina is a good goal, not just for real estate practitioners but for every business in these challenging times

5 ways to work effectively with subcontractors

A sound prequalifying process is the best approach

Ongoing softness in commercial real estate market

No one signs a 10-year lease anymore, but the costs to fit-up or refit space is near impossible to amortize over five years