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The truth about trust, engagement and performance

When, and when not, to give your elevator speech

This bit of advice can help improve your performance

Seven steps for protecting your liquor license

Even with the best efforts, accidents can and do happen
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Finding prospective customers in a new era of SEO

Search engines have come a long way

‘Talk to me’: A roadmap to ‘inbound marketing’

If you own the facts, you can own the field

A blueprint for building a winning sales team

Hiring the right people is the first and one of the most important steps in business success
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ACA’s small business credit can be a real benefit

But many firms are not aware of what it can mean to their bottom line

Planning for and navigating an IRS audit

Being an informed taxpayer will help you through the process
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Yes, you should talk about Ferguson at the office

For many of us, work is the only place we engage with people different from us. That makes it the ideal place to talk about something as important as race.

Building a better pipeline of qualified candidates

One beauty industry veteran shows how it can be done
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The truth about trust, engagement and performance

How to keep your workforce productive and happy

What’s needed to create and sustain a positive workplace?

Everyone’s in charge, but nobody’s responsible

We are quick to take credit for anything that goes well, but never for anything that goes wrong
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Properly planning and executing a year-end RIF

Consequences can ensue if the action isn’t properly planned or executed

Where you live may not be where you’re domiciled

Pull out quote: Failing to appreciate the distinction between domicile and residence can have dramatic consequences

Benefit corporations: coming soon to New Hampshire

A new state law gives socially minded businesses an alternative corporate option
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Infrastructure issues simply are not optional

Addressing them is essential for our economy

Meeting the challenge of office-space planning

It’s somewhat similar to laying out a kitchen or any other part of the house, albeit on a larger scale

‘Workplace experience’ defines office space needs

It’s a concept that focuses on ergonomics, good lighting, top-notch HVAC and a menu of amenities
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More >> The New LLC Act

Can you use an accountant to form an LLC in N.H.?

You can, but there are several risks to be aware of

Preparing for war in your LLC operating agreement

A possible solution: mediation and arbitration provisions
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