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Thinking differently and leading differently

Four cornerstones that can define your leadership philosophy, identity and brand

Seeking a job change? Be careful what you wish for

Focus on the reality of why you want to leave your current position

When email is the wrong mode of communication

Why it’s a good idea to pause before hitting the ‘send’ button
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How to win at search engine marketing in 2015

Steps to create your own online marketing success plan

Finding prospective customers in a new era of SEO

Search engines have come a long way

‘Talk to me’: A roadmap to ‘inbound marketing’

If you own the facts, you can own the field
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The penny-wise, pound foolish strategy of denial

From climate change to financial security, self-deception is a very human trait

Do financial advisors practice what they preach?

If they don’t, then why should their clients be listening to them?
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Capitalizing on diversity’s competitive advantage

Even if you’re not a multinational corporation, stocking your team with diverse talent pays off

The business case for ‘Making Diversity Work’

Here's why you should join us for this special event on Tuesday, January 13, 2015.
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The truth about trust, engagement and performance

How to keep your workforce productive and happy

What’s needed to create and sustain a positive workplace?

Everyone’s in charge, but nobody’s responsible

We are quick to take credit for anything that goes well, but never for anything that goes wrong
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Five employment law topics on the radar in 2015

State changes include Paycheck Fairness Act and employee social media accounts

Winter weather and New Hampshire wage laws

What employers can do when employees aren’t needed at work

Properly planning and executing a year-end RIF

Consequences can ensue if the action isn’t properly planned or executed
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As 2015 arrives, we’re still in recovery mode

For the most part, folks are hunkered down still waiting for the economy to really take off

Infrastructure issues simply are not optional

Addressing them is essential for our economy

Meeting the challenge of office-space planning

It’s somewhat similar to laying out a kitchen or any other part of the house, albeit on a larger scale
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More >> The New LLC Act

Can you use an accountant to form an LLC in N.H.?

You can, but there are several risks to be aware of

Preparing for war in your LLC operating agreement

A possible solution: mediation and arbitration provisions
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