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It’s not just offices that are squeezing down space

High-bay warehouse and manufacturing tenants are looking to pare costs as well

Are young people ‘bouncing around’ in college?

Thoughts on our public and private education systems

As 2015 arrives, we’re still in recovery mode

For the most part, folks are hunkered down still waiting for the economy to really take off

Infrastructure issues simply are not optional

Addressing them is essential for our economy

‘Workplace experience’ defines office space needs

It’s a concept that focuses on ergonomics, good lighting, top-notch HVAC and a menu of amenities

Stress, uncertainty still reign, but there are positive signs

Repositioning, new uses dominate commercial real estate market

Energy: the most important issue affecting real estate

Natural gas supply a boon, but how long will it last?

A real estate broker reflects on his trip to China

If the country were to cut public and private construction back 50%, it would throw 20 million out of work

Trying to make it through the ‘headwinds’

Stamina is a good goal, not just for real estate practitioners but for every business in these challenging times

Medical office buildings aren’t immune from price pressures

The constant and significant focus on price containment under the ACA will put the spotlight on all real estate locations

Recipe for revitalization: going vertical

Is a trend toward taller, smaller units in N.H. cities in the offing?

Takeaways from a trip to New York City

What trajectory are we on, anyway?

It’s not clear whether the spring uptick in inquiries is a sign of increased activity or simply seasonal

Meeting the challenges of 2013

Developers, owners and lenders are seeking higher returns to hedge against continued risks
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