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‘Intellectual curiosity’ and commercial real estate

Practitioners need to constantly study a multitude of topics to help clients make sound decisions

The hazy, crazy days of summer

Thanks to technology, the pace doesn’t seem to slow down

Debt, interest rates and other scary matters

Data point to gradual global expansion, but outside factors feed the anxiety of markets

A future for downtown Concord

What is the ideal scenario for filling up the area’s vacant spaces?

What’s New Hampshire’s economic strategy?

NH’s approach to economic development has to start with a vision

Assessing NH’s housing options

We’ve have been talking about affordable housing and workforce housing for years, but we have a long way to go

There’s ‘good’ technology and ‘bad’ technology

Plus, what’s on the commercial real estate horizon for 2016?

What is New Hampshire’s future?

Our history in innovation, invention, investment can help us address challenges

Economic development requires a team effort

Expanding our tax base and attracting new good jobs should not be left solely to municipal and state entities

NH’s new tech opportunity

We need to figure out how to attract and keep micro and small firms

Easy and hard transactions

You have to constantly counsel clients about the vagaries of the market

Planning to help NH compete

There is much to do to make the state competitive and keep it a great place to live

Uniting the New Hampshire, Northern New England area

For our region to compete, we need to aggregate to form a bigger market

How can we stop other regions from passing us by?

The challenge for NH is to compete with hot (and hip) cities

What can NH do to emulate Denver?

A tech hub based on quality of life that attracts young people

Can New England regain the good jobs?

Recent trends toward recapturing manufacturing jobs are not pretty

It’s not just offices that are squeezing down space

High-bay warehouse and manufacturing tenants are looking to pare costs as well

Are young people ‘bouncing around’ in college?

Thoughts on our public and private education systems

As 2015 arrives, we’re still in recovery mode

For the most part, folks are hunkered down still waiting for the economy to really take off

Infrastructure issues simply are not optional

Addressing them is essential for our economy

‘Workplace experience’ defines office space needs

It’s a concept that focuses on ergonomics, good lighting, top-notch HVAC and a menu of amenities

Stress, uncertainty still reign, but there are positive signs

Repositioning, new uses dominate commercial real estate market

Energy: the most important issue affecting real estate

Natural gas supply a boon, but how long will it last?

A real estate broker reflects on his trip to China

If the country were to cut public and private construction back 50%, it would throw 20 million out of work

Trying to make it through the ‘headwinds’

Stamina is a good goal, not just for real estate practitioners but for every business in these challenging times
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