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Are young people ‘bouncing around’ in college?

Thoughts on our public and private education systems
February 19, 2015

Five common business tenant mistakes

Thinking, planning ahead of time can help you avoid them
January 28, 2015

As 2015 arrives, we’re still in recovery mode

For the most part, folks are hunkered down still waiting for the economy to really take off
January 7, 2015

Infrastructure issues simply are not optional

Addressing them is essential for our economy
December 17, 2014

Meeting the challenge of office-space planning

It’s somewhat similar to laying out a kitchen or any other part of the house, albeit on a larger scale
December 3, 2014

‘Workplace experience’ defines office space needs

It’s a concept that focuses on ergonomics, good lighting, top-notch HVAC and a menu of amenities
October 22, 2014

When an audit is the right idea for business tenants

For business tenants, they’re often an effective tool
October 15, 2014

Commercial real estate: more than square feet and rental rates

The sector encompasses a lot of territory
September 24, 2014

New IRS regulations can mean big tax savings

The rules feature big changes to fixed asset depreciation and repairs costs for 2014
September 24, 2014

Early termination rights in commercial leases

It’s best to determine an exit strategy before you sign a deal
August 27, 2014

Stress, uncertainty still reign, but there are positive signs

Repositioning, new uses dominate commercial real estate market
August 20, 2014

Don’t be tardy in the lease renewal process

Give yourself time to explore options in the market
August 8, 2014

The surety market and your bonding capacity

Construction companies and contractors should be aware of the market
July 23, 2014

Energy: the most important issue affecting real estate

Natural gas supply a boon, but how long will it last?
July 2, 2014

Running (and winning) the project management race

It takes careful planning and teamwork
June 25, 2014
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