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Is end in sight for N.H. business energy-efficiency programs?

RGGI funds may be cut off for initiatives that aid small, large businesses
May 28, 2014

Conference panel OKs giving PUC power to order PSNH power plant divestiture

But bill would not allow agency to order shutdown
May 27, 2014

Energy savings ideas that work

Auto Dealers, Sierra Club team up to showcase efficiency tips
May 14, 2014

Failed Concord Steam project claims a victim

Spinoff company files for bankruptcy after expansion effort dies
May 7, 2014

N.H. Senate ponders limits on corn-based ethanol

But biofuel industry cries foul over House-based legislation
May 5, 2014

Thanks to the cold, Unitil has a hot 1st quarter

17% income increase posted by the utility
April 23, 2014

Public-private partnership sees a big future for N.H. wood

Effort seeks to convince commercial users to switch to home-grown fuel source
April 17, 2014

Customer migration from PSNH eases a bit

Cold weather, natural gas spike stem the tide
April 14, 2014

Gas spikes hit Sprague's earnings

Company reports first results since public offering
April 7, 2014

DES readies wetlands listening sessions

Goal is rulemaking and process improvement, agency says
March 26, 2014

Propane autogas: the top green fuel for vehicles you’ve probably never heard of

The propane motor vehicle fuel is gaining respect and market share even as it continues to fly under the radar as a viable alternative
February 21, 2014

Setting the stage for 2014 regional energy policy

Right now, it looks like a battle between gas and hydro
February 21, 2014

The environmental, and economic, costs of invasive species

Ignoring the impacts of ecosystem changes comes with a price tag
January 10, 2014

Opponents try to turn up the heat in Bow coal scrubber case

They’re questioning the costs passed on to customers in continuing contentious case
January 9, 2014

Presstek agrees to $116k payment in hazardous waste settlement

Charges stem from 2012 environmental inspection at Hudson plant
January 8, 2014
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