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April 4 2014

It’s time to abolish New Hampshire’s death penalty

Eliminating state executions says nothing about criminals who kill, but it says a great deal about a society that does not

April 4 2014

Peter T. Paul, Dan Innis and questions of ethics

Should Paul’s $500k Super PAC raise concerns?

March 21 2014

Wind farm opponents and property rights

The effort to stop certain energy projects has now taken a destructive turn

March 21 2014

Electric co-op’s rates are based on fairness

Our charges are designed to more equitably allocate costs

March 21 2014

It’s time for N.H. to encourage benefit corporations

They have the added duty to pursue an environmental and social benefit in addition to shareholder value

March 21 2014

Payroll cards benefit employers and employees

Prepaid cards in general, and payroll cards in particular, are an undoubted win for individuals and families

Energy needs: the PSNH/Northern Pass perspective March 21 2014

Energy needs: the PSNH/Northern Pass perspective

The information provided at a recent gathering was startling

March 7 2014

A 4-cent gas tax hike is short money

In the end, investing in better roads and bridges will offer a very high return